Heineken is a globally recognized brand with extremely successful advertising campaigns. However, the beer company does more than just creating content to promote higher sales. 

I’ve only recently realized Heineken’s success at being more than just your typical beer brand when the company sponsored the new James Bond movie Skyfall. Although a majority of Heineken’s commercials run towards the bizarre and unique end, it definitely distinguishes itself from its other competitors. So when Heineken released its commercial with Daniel Craig and his Bond girl Berenice Marlohe, Heineken started catching my eye. 

Looking into the brand, Heineken has done really well at getting its brand out to consumers. Aside from your typical print and TV ad campaigns, Heineken is involved with its consumers. For instance, Heineken’s Open’er music festival in Poland has been a huge success. At one point, Heineken even utilized this opportunity to push for social media content through QR codes. Personally, I would never use QR codes, but I commend Heineken for using QR codes in a unique and creative way where concert goers can make their own QR codes with a secret message that can only viewed when scanned. 


Heineken has also created an interesting social media campaign in Brazil this past year known as the “One Like One Balloon.” This campaign was very simple… for every like that Heineken received, an office space in Brazil would be filled with one green balloon. In a short amount of time, the campaign amassed thousands of likes. As the day progressed, the Heineken staff members made short and informal video updates. 


Overall, Heineken is one of the top companies that has been successful with creating successful social media campaigns in addition to promoting its brand. 


Facebook Marketing Strategies


Although trends suggest that people in the United States are slowly decreasing their usage time on Facebook, the huge social media site is still quite relevant in other parts of the world such as Brazil. Brazil is a growing market that many companies and brands can capitalize their usages towards this new customer segment. 

This infographic suggests multiple helpful hints on making a company’s facebook page the best it could be. 

I’m not a huge fan of QR codes, so I would try and avoid those. Not everyone decides to download a scanner on their phone when they see a QR code. Personally, I know I downloaded it on my first smart phone, but have never downloaded it since. 

I do like the concepts under Fans and Events. These suggest plentiful ways to interact with customers/fans and potentially make them into loyal customers. 

Red Bull: Gives You More Than Wings

What is the first word or image that pops into mind when you hear the brand name “Red Bull”? I used to imagine the hilarious cartoon advertisements that Red Bull occasionally broadcasts, but now after several global campaigns, Red Bull seems so much more than just an energy drink.

Compared to its competitors like Monster, Red Bull is a lifestyle. In its new commercial, there is a quote that truly defines Red Bull: “The only limit is the one you set yourself.” With that mantra, it challenges people to explore past their boundaries and constantly break their limitations.

It’s amazing how campaigns can truly change a person’s perception of a brand.