AMC – Always Making Content … and Something More

Yesterday, AMC announced that the network is pursuing the comedy business. Big names like Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have already signed on with creating a new program for the network.

As a devout fan of The Walking Dead and Mad Men, I can’t help but feel as if this strategic move to enter this market almost dilutes the network brand. I have always associated the network with producing well-written dramas that perfectly capture the intricate ways of how the human mind adapts to a variety of environments.

FX has dabbled into this type of programming by offering a broad range of programs from drama to animated comedies. However, it also launched a new channel FXX to accommodate its comedy programs. Is this the path that AMC wants to head down? Will we see AMCC (just for laughs – Always Making Comedic Content) in the near future?

I understand from a business perspective that this huge step is monumental for the network. Without a doubt, this takes a lot of courage with a high risk of failure. It’s not that going into comedy is a poor market choice… it’s about when AMC will know when to stop. Sure, let’s say AMC produces high-caliber comedy programs. But then what else? Kids and Family? Sci-Fi? Teens? Everything?

I sincerely hope that AMC’s slogan “Something More” will not be used as a justification to produce every single type of television genre.


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